Our Story

It was an ordinary day in Kansas City, a normal Sunday morning at Pleasant Green Baptist Church. The late Rev. David L. Gray called upon his sovereign God to lead and direct the service, as he did each week. But that day God had something extraordinary planned.

It was such a small thing. Few took notice. But in a single moment, a star was born - not one that shone only for fame and fortune, but a blazing ambassador carrying the light of Christ. This was the first time RoShawn ever performed. Her debut was the familiar tune, "Jesus Loves Me". She was only three years old. But at that young age, God branded her with His signature smile that continues to lift the spirits and hearts of her listeners today.

Rev. Gray asked RoShawn to sing "Jesus Loves Me" many times after that. It was only fitting, for that simple song would become her drive and mission statement: to spread God's word and love through song. But though it was planted in her heart, it would take years to blossom.

RoShawn Eve, born RoShawn Evette Graves-Dye, received Christ at the age of eight, and immediately knew that she wanted to make a difference in other people's lives. For the last five years, she had been singing with her older sister and cousins as "The Dye Family", "The Dye Girls" and "Sisters with Voices for Jesus". As one of the lead singers, she was immersed in this familial culture of music and knew that her difference for God could be made through this gift and talent.

So she began to craft her art, studying and imitating to find her own uniqueness. Her major musical influences include Kim Burrell and Celine Dion, but she claims Whitney Houston as the most influential on her voice, singing style and tone.

As she grew older, RoShawn and the remaining members of the Dye Family Singers recorded a gospel album titled "Like" under the name LaJaTi-Rosch. The album was a towering success and accomplishment for the entire family, leading them to greater publicity in local newspapers and opening numerous doors of opportunity. This allowed RoShawn a fast track down the R&B path as a teenager, as her group was honored to open for some of the biggest names in the industry, including Jagged Edge, Destiny's Child, Ginuwine and many others.

At 18, she was living the singer's dream, right at the door of her big break, when God tugged at her heart. She was compelled to walk away from that side of the industry, and become a solo artist, spreading the love of Christ by singing gospel music. Devotedly following her God, her heart was drawn more to ministry than entertainment.

In this new direction, God continued to bless her solo career. Now a gospel artist, she opened for mainstream acts such as the Bloodstones and Rose Royce. She even sang at the the pre-show for the Brian Courtney Wilson concert. Her gospel music continues to be well-received in club settings and she is currently working on an album specifically to touch lives, whether they have set foot in a church or not.

But RoShawn's passion and witness through music goes beyond the stage and studio. Continuing to tell the world that Jesus loves them, RoShawn sponsored an adopt-a-family Christmas music program, raising over $1300 for local families. Her incredible heart for giving catapulted this immense success and she plans to make it an annual tradition. Family is important to RoShawn as she is the proud single mother of two young sons, who are the joy of her life, encouraging her to greater heights every day.

RoShawn Eve is an up and coming artist with a transcending voice and vision. She sings gospel music, but does not embrace the "gospel artist" label. Instead, she states that she is an advocate of God. Music is her vehicle to take the gospel to all nations. Following this Biblical mandate, she calls her singing opportunities "assignments from God". With her mission and her message, she is truly anointed and she invites the world to join her!

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